How Does Phonip Work?

Phonip simply builds you an online business by combining your time, online presence, and skills and automatically turns them into money! Want to know how our pay per minute video chat platform works? Read on!

Why Phonip

In a nutshell, Phonip is useful to whoever has a skillset of any sort that could be served online on a pay per minute video chat platform. More specifically, it's best for mentors, consultants, teachers, trainers, influencers, entertainers, customer care/support departments - as you can connect your whole organization to a Phonip channel using PBXs.
That’s why!




Sign up for the STARTER plan, it’s totally free or you can buy one of the other two plans and raise your income up to 10 times.


Complete Profile


Pop a profile picture, write a hot description for your channel, adjust the flat fee for your service.




Share your promotion link (invitation link) or your Phonip number on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, your blog post, website, etc. respond to your audience and monetize your time.


Go Live


Now, you’re all set, just tap "Go Live" and work from anywhere, anytime, doing anything.




Fuel your account balance with incoming calls and withdraw once it reaches $50. Another good news, the HAPPY CALL. You’ll receive your very first 10-minute call from us, so adjust high!

Starting A New Channel For Free

It’s easy as pie, sign up for a plan, go to your dashboard, decorate your channel profile, adjust your fee, and then the last action, spread your promotion link (invitation link), as wide as you can, across any platform, your audience might wandering, whether it's a social network, a blog post, or your company's website/s.

Build a Fast Return Business With High-Profit Potentials at Home

Now that you know how precious every single minute is, whether it's yours or ours, let's turn it into tangible money in your bank account.

Earn Fast

Start with your potential if you're not an expert or with your field of expertise if you are. Determine a reasonable value for your online consultation, training, entertainment, online presence, etc.

Advertise your brand new Phonip channel, just like good old traditional businesses. Post your Phonip link on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, your own website, wherever you think it'll be noticed and your proficiency is in demand.

The moment your account balance reaches $50 or more - the HAPPY CALL income counts - you can request for withdrawal using your PayPal ID. So, not as fast as a robbery, but that fast!

It’s a WIN-WIN

We won’t make it without each other’s help. Do you see that chat button on the right corner of the page? We’re right there waiting for your questions. So, don’t hesitate!