Terms and Conditions

PHONIP makes use of it's revenue producing programs, and completes all necessary programming, maintenance and hosting of client's line/s.

Customer agrees to be of legal age (18 year or older) to setup this service.

Privacy Policy

PHONIP will not sell or rent any of your personally identifiable information to third parties. PHONIP will not share any of your personally identifiable information with third parties for any reason except under court order.


PHONIP offers its Clients email support to provide Client with ongoing assistance to market their line/s. All support queries will be responded to within 24 hours or sooner.

Payout Terms

PHONIP uses $ (USD) in it's economic cycle. Clients will get paid from 1 hour upto 7 business days by their PayPay E-mail Address. The minimum amount must be at least $50 USD to withdraw. The transaction fee will be charged to Client.

Third Party Failures

May provide all or any part of the Service through third party service providers, such as telephone companies, internet providers or others. PHONIP will use it reasonable business efforts in an attempt to avoid any major interruption of the Service. However, Customer acknowledges and agrees that PHONIP is not responsible for interruption of the Service caused by internet providers or other third party failures of any kind or from other causes outside its control.

Limitation of Liability

PHONIP disclaims all warranties, express or Implied, with respect to any products or services provided under this agreement except those express warranties made in this agreement, including without limitation, any express or implied warranties of maerchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. PHONIP will not, in any event, be liable for lost profits, special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages or any damages of any kind resulting from any failure of performance by any third party providing any part of the service.

Force Majeure

Throughout the term of this Agreement, PHONIP will use their best efforts to maintain the services and the operations of PHONIP lines, that are operated under the terms of any PHONIP Service Agreements. In no event shall PHONIP or any of its affiliates be held liable for any damages, claims, or losses to the Client or Information Provider as a result of downtime or termination of internet services that arise as the result of unspecified occurrences and events beyond the control of PHONIP. Neither Party will be liable for damages arising out of delays in processing or other non-performance caused by such events as accidents, fires, telecommunications failures, equipment failures, failures or fluctuations in electrical power, heat, light or air conditioning, labor disputes, strikes, riots, war, governmental regulations, third party non-performance, acts of God or other causes over which such party has no reasonable control.

Customer Indemnification

The Customer hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless PHONIP, from and against all costs, expenses, fees, and claims for damages of any kind or nature whatsoever related to or arising from (i) any failure of the Customer to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement or any breach by Customer of any Law, (ii) any act or failure to act within the care, custody or control of the Customer, or (iii) any negligence or malfeasance by any employee or agent of the Customer. No action undertaken by PHONIP or any third party provider as an accommodation to the Customer will serve to eliminate, limit or release any of the Customer’s indemnity obligations.